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oct 20, 2007 (+ added update on WAIT TIMES/kötid & REHAB, photos, suggestion for SOLUTON etc on march 16 2008 + more on rehab , wheelchairs etc may 19 2008, + oct 18 2008 added mp3 n more on SICK_JOKE meeting about failing to give me reasonable wheelchair after 10 YEARS n counting sitting so BAD that pelvic n back get more n more wrong SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY OPERATE WITH NO CUSTUMER FOCUS ...)

see photos and mp3s below:

2009:  article by me published on NEWSMILL (swedish): "Vårdens Problem & Lösning" -->

Well, Michael Moore in his movie Sicko claims US health care sucks and wants socialized health care. Well, since Moore, as usual, only present one side of the argument (his own opinion hidden behind "comedy") here are some other perspectives:

Sweden is the number one with that which Moore wants and has a government run/controlled health-care monopoly, all hospitals run by politicians in the very same Kafka-esque way, where lack of competition (=lack of different thinking/ideas/approaches), responsibility or interest in non-absurdely-dangerously-slow processes, where noone is responsible and noonecan be sued in reality, and it leads to horrifying results like the following examples showing how Sweden fails to achieve even the arguably most basic purposes of healthcare:

- Sweden has the highest percentage sick in the west (sjukskrivna & förtidspensionärer)

- of these, the sickest are those who work in hospitals themselves (if the people who work in hospitals are so sick themselves, how the heck are they supposed to cure others?!)

- Sweden has most suicides - "lead" the most-suicide league in the west for a long time (people considering and/or comitting suicide. also most prozac-type /anti-depression pills-league)

- People die in long queues/lines/wait times, and since ONLY one employer, whn nurses go on a strike to up their salary, many 1000ands of operations get cancelled.

- People are refused treatment and sometimes die IF THEY DON'T HAVE A SWEDISH SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER ("personnummer").

-Swedens' specialized care is among the worst in the west, example Sweden only has half as many neurodoctors per capita even as neighbours Denmark, Norway and Finland! Thirteen (13) highly qualifid leading expert doctors wrote about this and other examples of how Swedens health-care ”sucks” in biggest daily newspaper DN, april 1, 2007 (no, unfortunately, it's not an aprils' fools joke) - "Svensk högspecialiserad vård bland de sämsta i Västeuropa", see www.cederholm.net/svensk_vard_samst_vasteuropa.pdf (you need to have free adobe reader - ask a computer savvy friend for help.)


What can be demanded from a reasonable definition of rehab? Well, individual attention of a certified physical therapist for at least 1 hour EFFECTIVE time thre times per week for TWO years is the Belgian standard for my condition FA. In the US you go to physical therapy EVERY DAY even if you don't have any condition but just broke an arm, PAID for by your HMO/mdical insurance you have if you have a fixed job.

 a highly effective walking robot (Lokomat) for neuro-rehab exists since over 10 years. It's in Asia, all over rehab clinics in the US and I have a 14 pages document in small font full of rehab clinics including most EU countries, including Denmark. Guess what country doesn't have it or doesn't even buy rehab for neuro-rehab patients in a place in another country who does have it? Yep, Sweden is clueless! 

Lokomat - in Asia, all over USA, most rehab places in EU incl Denmark. But, of course, NOT in socialist Sweden
14 year old Lokomat rehab - everywhere but Sweden... (update 2009 nov  12: swiss-made Lokomat is now 15 years old but STILL not in government-monopoly-health-care-Sweden!!!) 

 Read about Lokomat here: http://www.hocoma.ch/web/en/patients/introduction_lokomat_2.html


- 80% of members in Sweden's umbrella organization for handicapped (HSO) picked "better rehab"  as number one wanted improvement. SWEDISH REHAB SUCKS and is, at best a sad joke. Despite informing my neurodoctor överläkare Åke Sidén at falsely-famous Karolinska (read here how their "expert" Mrs. Stibler wasn't even aware that the FRDA gene had been cloned half-a-year (6 months) after the fact, I had to bring her the good news...) that
a) wait time for physical therapy in Stockholm is ca 6-8 months in Swedens socialistic monopolized 100% government healthcare
b) after that wait you only get ca 30 min effective-time physical therapy PER WEEK (1day of 30 min per week) even at glorified Akleja.
c) Mullback Institute / Move & Walk proves that modern neurophysical therapy requires severals hours per day
c) the brief "intense" physical therapy periods I've received in 10 years (2,5w 2002, 2,5w 2003 & 4weeks 2007)  have great meausurable documented effects, like being able to walk 5 metres w walker before and 60 m after, on 6 min walk 12meters before and 27 after etc)
d) an article in renowned Lancet proves I should raise the brake-medicine even more to benefit even more from physical therapy (no side effects!)
e) ALL doctors and physical therapists responding on my inquiry about FA rehab from MANY different countries feel FA patients like myselt should have a MINIMUM of 2 hourrs individual physical therapy 3 days per week on an ongoing basis

DESPITE  the above and more, my neurodoctor överläkare Åke Sidén at falsely-famous Karolinska, refuses to attend a meeting to discuss my rehab with experts, PLUS refuses to write a paper specifying I need more than 30 min individual physical therapy per week. He also bends overbackwards not to raise my brakemedicine further, claiming that the risk of side effects is still there despite INSTEAD he makes the socialists creed: "if I give you more p.t. than 30 min/w, who should then get less?" Upon which I reply "you're my doctor since 1996, you should be looking out for ME, right?" Sidén then starts to question if physical therapy works in general , or for me (despite knowing the aforementioned 3 FANTASTIC results I acheived from 3 "intense" p.t. but couldn't maintain since POOR/NO rehab otherwise). And he writes me a letter that maybe I should switch doctor...

I also have witten articles / articles in magazines / participated in radio interviews (in one where the sunshine-example admitted it took two (2!) years for him to get an electric wheelchair. Compare this to the US where companies buy TV-ads to inform people w disabilities that they get one for free next day, the company handles all paperwork w socialsecurity/HMO/government, and the person get to the electric wheelchair/scooter even if the company for once doesnt get the money refunded from the government. Just to be sure the socialist Kafka model is followed, Sweden even has an EXPLICIT RULE saying that people NEVER get refunded if they pay themselves first to get the thing reasonably quick, EVEN if the buerocrats after lenghty time find they are entitled to it... Thats the difference between US market driven health care and Swedish rationed Soviet-type healthcare. Oh , of course: Sweden lacks any activity-based-costing-accounting in health-care, so the MAIN COST involved in rehab or aid-thing (wheelchairs, strollers etc) - SALARY to buerocrats spending endless hours incl lenghty coffeebreaks, isnt considered. They could have bought 20 wheelchairs for the cost of 2,5 mismanaged years without giving me a proper wheelchair last time...

- for articles and radiointerviews , see

- read article Why Swedish Healthcare Sucks (in Swedish), where I tell story of my life including a fantastic experience of US hospital Mayo Clinic:

? Questions about Wait-Time/ KÖTID based on my experience (I've worked 4 years w with process reengineering as management consultant for PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and  push more than most people can muster the energy to. Despite that it takes this long, poor those who surrender to the system ...And NO! making people wait/queue for years without diagnosis/treatment/rehab/daily-living-aids like wheelchairs etc does NOT save taxpayer money -on the contary it is the main reason why Sweden has so many more sick than other countries(sjukskrivna/förtidspensionärer), and the longer they WAIT/are sick, the sicker they get thus requiring more treatment/rehab/aids/hjälpmedel AND the LESS they work and that COSTS way more than having QUEUES "saves". You don't need any degree in economics to understand that!

- how long does it take to get a written and signed diagnosis in Sweden? (answer: forever, or at least more than 2 years until you say Fuck it and go abroad to Mayo Clinic in US):

- if two (2) physical therapists forbid you from walking until you get shoes with left foot 2 cm higher heel + new walkingbraces to avoid getting bad back/hip AND you get a written request/remiss, HOW long to get such shoes and braces? (answer: hopefully nomore than 7,5 months... yep, over half a YEAR, NOPE IT'S NOW MARCH 16 2008, STILL NOT PROPER WALKING BRACES SO
A _YEARS_ WAITING AND COUNTING without being able to practice walking properly, not to mention the 9 years walking with a way too short left leg and making the back/hip crooked + 7 years in a faulty wheelchair destroyng my ringht foot...

- if you get run into and break your leg, and they put the cast 30 degrees wrong, refuse to remake it before it healed 30 degrees wrong, and you ask if they can please fix it, what does your doctor Gunnar Westerlind say? (answer: "don't come here and talk about an operation, learn to live with it for the rest of your life!")


CLICK on pic to view larger

- wheelchair, how long? (answer: 7 years in one so damaging narrow for your feet so your mis-treated, 40 degrees wrong treated left foot forces your right foot to grow crooked. 2 more years putting up with buerocrats wasting tax-payers money filling out forms wrong so you never get a correct chair and eventually give up. try again later, same shit and you give up again. then you abroad get a finished order/remiss, then you email and push virtually EVERY day and you finally get one after "only" 5+ months (speed record for sicker than sicko Swedish health-care...)

CLICK on pic to view larger

All Swedish hospitals (except Sophiahemmet etc where ONLY the Sovietesque elite like Göran Persson and extremely rich businessmen can go) are run by politicians in the very same Kafka-esque way, where lack of competition, responsibility or interest in non-slow processes, where noone can be sued in reality, and it leads to horrifying results mentioned above!


Are also monpoly-operated, resulting in rationing (like food was rationed in Soviet and coffee etc during WW2 in the west) HORRIFIC wait-times, poor aids and unspeakable errors with terrible results. For a person in a long radiointerview I did (UR, see http://www.cederholm.net/press/press_media.htm ) another person, an otherwise "happy" camper brought forth as a sunshine example of how "good" the Swedish system is supposed to be,"only" had to wait two (2) YEARS for an elecrical wheelchair...

On a Swedish airport aug 2008 I met a girl with a funky wheelchair. She said she had bought it herself abroad for SEK 4000, "since she needs a wheelchair now and NOT in a year which it takes on average in Sweden". MY THOUGHTS: she sits wrong for years, her back,spine,pelvic etc gets wrong, resulting in lots of unneccesary COSTS FOR THE TAXPAYERS- SO NO THIS SNAIL-SLOW-BO-SWEDISH WAY DOESN'T SAVE ANY MONEY, ON THE CONTRARY IT WASTES THEM WITHOUT EVEN COMING CLOSE TO DELIVERING REASONABLE RESULTS!


NEW BLOG ENTRY JUNE 19 2011 ABT Swedish socialized-monopoly-HMO ("Landstinget") wastes even more money than you think with example Resolut for Kvintett beds: http://otillganglighet-diskriminering.blogspot.com/2011/06/fd-kommunpolitiker-anmaler-landstinget.html

In my case, since doctors refuse to correct erraneous medicaljournals, I still 10 years after the mistreated workaccident havent even received a wheelchair with correct footplates or even correct measurements acording to my body (i.e. seatlength "sittdjup"): On top of lousy rehab, waiting almost 10 years for my first higher left shoe to compensate for my left leg becoming several cm shorter due to the mistreated workaccident, I've been SITTING IN THE WRONG WHEELCHAIRS FOR TEN YEARS...


CLICK on pic to view larger:-> This is Åke Norsten, Swedens arguably top expert on wheelchairs, showing how absolutely NOT to sit (heavily back-tipped pelvis / karaftigt bakåttippat bäcken"). Guess what? i've been sitting "banana style" like this for ten years DUE TO WRONG WHEELCHAIRS PROVIDED BY SWEDISH AID MONOPOLY /LANDSTINGSMONOPOLETS HJÄLPMEDELCENTRAL SYD I LÅNGBRO AND THEIR "EXPERTS".

This is Åke showing HOW to sit correctly in a correctly fitted wheelchair (straight pelvic/ rakt neutralt bäcken) From book "Boxning i rullstol" by Levi Thunberg Adophson.

In Åke Norstens own expert book "Drivkraft" page 43 it shows what a straight pelvis /neutralt bäcken looks like on a skeleton, and the WRONG banana style pelvic looks like. (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGEN)

IN THE SAME BOOK PG 42, Åke stresses the importance of having a correctly fitted wheelchair/sitting correct. If you sit wrong (banana-style pelvic etc) you will, according to his book, GET pain in the shoulders, sitting wounds and scolios (twisted back! YEP TEN YEARS W WRONG WHEELCHAIR HAS GIVEN ME ALL THOSE PROBLEMS AND ALSO:

A ROTATED pelvic 'around y-axis'

+ horizontally ANGELED pelvic 'around x-axis'


As can be seen in this photo of me in the Panthera U2 chair they stuck me with for many years, the footplates were NOT ADAPTED WHATSOEVER FOR THE WRONG ANGLED AND ROTATED FOOT, NOT TO MENTION THE RESULTING SHORTER LEFT LEG. Sitting like that for 10 years naturally had negative effects on my ENTIRE BODY!!! None of which would had happened if the mistreated work accident hadn't occurred/had been treated reasonably well! (And NO, I didn't have anything wrong with bone lenght/feet/pelvis/spine before the mistreated accident - as proven also by absense of such reporting in ANY journal prior to the mistreted accident!)

>> FAST FORWARD To sep 22, 2008. We're at Sodexho w therapist Kerstin from rehab Farsta, Maria from Sodexho + technician Tord from Sodexho, myself + personal assistant. The following two files are audiorecordings from the SCANDAL MEETING about SNAIL-SLOWBO flagrantly failing to give me a new wheelchair since autumn 2007, and closing/aborting without coming close to solving the problem Red Cross physical therapist defined my shoulders needed ASAP /"AKUT". Well, a year has gone, they obviously dont give a fuck about my shoulders since they close and dont even wanna look at recent MRT pics of how bad my shoulders have become due to their failure to deliver [in Swedish]:

sodexho_22_sep_2008_part1_of 2_krympt.mp3


What's still wrong with the wheelchair after 1+ year of struggle:

  • sitting not fixing main problem of rotated + twisted pelvis (caused by 10,5 years n counting IN WRONG CHAIR)

  • sit too high in the chair, can barely reach the wheels = BAD FOR SHOULDERS (everyone who knows anything knows your supposed to reach ALL TO CENTER OF WHEELS)

  • the chair w me in it is too high -can't get in under any normal table

  • THEY HAVEN'T DONE WHAT CAN BE DONE - not let me try more than one alternative solution of cushion, no correct thorough measuring of how wrong i sit etc etc

Private for profit organizations care so much about the customers opinions and feelings that they do surveys-

The Landsting OBVIOUSLY THEN w above mentioned people care so LITTLE about the customer that they ignore what the customer says, emails, records etc + THAT THEY LETS ASAP = OVER A YEAR, GIVE UP.

SO, NO!, Mr Moore your solution is NOT the SICKER-than-Sicko Cuban, Soviet or Swedish model!
We have seen the problems with socialist ban from operating health-care services without profit. Competition which allows for different approaches/thinking, with accountability with teeth (not ridiculous HSAN/Patientnämnden) is what you want. I suggest a mix of the system in the US, Gemany and France. A SOLUTION with freedom to chose between different competitive (=different thinking/approaches) entities. Just like you get a check and can choose a school without paying extra, you SHOULD get a check and choose hospital (competitive!), rehab, wheelchair/stroller/aids for daily living, thus cutting the ridicoulous patient-endangering year-long Soviet-type lines (whilst burning away tax-payer money on salaries to Kafka-buerocrats who add no value to the process – remeber I’ve worked with process-reengineering 4 years for Pricewaterhouse Coopers/Öhrlings + have more personal experience in Sweden and the US than most, probably including you!). In Switzerland's succesful AND EQUAL healthcare, 95+% are OPERATED/RUN by private profit-making companies and PAID for by the government 100% to ALL citizens, so EVERYBODY GETS GREAT COMPETITIVE HEALTH CARE regardless of the size of their wallet. That's where Sweden should go!

2009:  article by me published on NEWSMILL (swedish): "Vårdens Problem & Lösning" -->

PS! Oh by the way, one america-hating friend, lets call her ’Karin’, said ”Peter should be lucky not being handicapped in the USA”. And my dear Mom beleives her more than me, just like she failed to see the benefit of having US Mayo Clinic do in ONE (1) WEEK what Swedish health-care failed to do in two (2) YEARS (never be a prophet at home)… Really?! Consider the above + these irrefutable facts:


-          USA are world leaders in rehab (testified also by pro-soccer player Sergio from Canada who plays for different teams all over the world. He and his likes go to the US for rehab and hospital-treatments, and say US is the best, and quality always cost).


-          Personal Assistants – USA has had this MANY more years than Sweden, in fact Adolf Ratzka, the guy who convinced center-right politician (Folkpartist) Bengt Westerberg to introduce Personal assistants/LSS in Sweden, took the idea/arguments FROM the US! And most other EU countries don’t have Personal Assistance paid for by the government, the attitude in most EU countries including France is that you should stay home and be ashamed of yourself if you use a wheelchair. Most restaurants, if you can get in at all, have no handicap toilet. This leads to…


A.D.A. –Americans with Disabilities Act. George Bush (father of todays President George W Bush), On the occasion of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act - 26th July 1990, said " Let the Shameful Wall of Exclusion Finally Come Tumbling Down". I wrote my thesis in Public Speaking about this law (C-uppsats i Retorik). This ADA law and its results is why I and many ”handicapped” people enjoy the US so much over Sweden, France and most other countries. A few examples:

1.     Lets say you want to go out to a bar, reastaurant, theatre or museum. In the US, thanks to ADA law, you just Go where you want, safe that you  can get in, do it all and that there are handicap restrooms. In Sweden, France etc there’s no spontaneity - you FIRST have to plan/investigate where you CAN go, find the rare places that dont have hindering steps/stairs, if you can participate once in, and if the place is one of the few having a handicap-accessible toilet!

2.     Amusement/Theme parks and leading a normal active life. In the US you can rent cars everywhere for NO extra costs with hand controls. In Sweden you simply can’t rent cars with handcontrols anywhere, not even if you offer to pay extra! In Stockholms prestigeous theme park ”Gröna Lund” you can’t do ANYTHING fun (no roller coaster etc) if you use a wheelchair. In Paris’ Euro-Disney its the same, ”for legal reasons” (= lack of ADA type law). LUCKILY we can go to the US. In theme parks all over (six-flags all over including Chicago, in Florida’s and California’s Disney world, Disney land, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, Sea World, Universal Studios, Discovery Cove etc) you can almost do it ALL even if you use a wheelchair. I know, I’ve personally been to them. ALL J

3.     Find below a few photo evidence:

a.     Accessible taxi-cabs in San Fransisco (they are everywhere incl wheelchair-accessible buses in Washington, Chicago, New York, Orlando etc etc, cabs in London (UK has something like the ADA law now)

b.     Me in my wheelchair enjoying Men-in-Black at Universal Studios, Orlando Florida - a high-speed ride. I could choose to transfer, but opted to choose the ”ADA option”, where they provided special vehicle so I could remain in my wheelchair

c.      Me kissing and swimming w Dolphins at Discovery Cove, Orlando Florida. Without ADA-law they could have, for ”safety/legal reasons” said like in Sweden/France etc: sorry, but you cant be in the water with the dolpins/stingrays/tropical fish coral reef. THANKS to ADA, they automatically provided strong people to help me in the water to do it ALL, and for no extra charge even!
I LOVE ADA and the USA for having it!


And, as a comment to dollar-multi-millionaire-Moores first agitpropaganda movie "Roger and me"- NO, jobs do NOT grow on trees, only Soviet union thought that.


PLUS as a comment to dollar-multi-millionaire-Moores Bush-Bashing agitprop movie Fahrenheit 9/11:

-          a) see 59 direct lies of said movie on site http://www.davekopel.com/Terror/Fiftysix-Deceits-in-Fahrenheit-911.htm

-          b) read my article based on RELEVANT intel from  personal friend who fled Saddams Baghdad : http://www.cederholm.net/ (middle east big picture) + Expressen artikel : http://www.cederholm.net/press/Irak.htm.

Swedish leading thinker Norberg (CNN famed for his ”In defense of world capitalism”) on Moores methods in Fahrenheit (applies to all his one-sided agitprop movies inluding Sicko), in Swedish daily paper Svenska Dagbladet:

Tisdag 2004-05-18 / 9.10
PÅ TAL OM OKUNNIGHET. De som hyllar mångmiljonären och filmaren Michael Moore (vilket är många, eftersom Moore är kommerisiellt skicklig och utnyttjar de anti-amerikanska stämningarna för att tjäna ytterligare några miljoner), talar samtidigt om att de är okunniga. Sanningen är inget hinder när Moore vill föra fram sin syn. Johan Norberg skriver i SVD i dag:

När han synas gömmer sig Moore gärna bakom clownmasken. I en CNN-intervju vägrade han kommentera grova felaktigheter i hans verk: ”Varför skulle jag? Hur kan det finnas felaktigheter i komedi?” Det kan vara värt att hålla i minnet när man läser recensenter som går på Moores skämt i Fahrenheit 911.

Ja, det finns många att skratta åt i svensk kulturmedia dessa dagar, som tar Moores komik på stort, mycket stort allvar.


Accessible taxi-cabs in San Fransisco (they are everywhere incl wheelchair-accessible buses in Washington, Chicago, New York, Orlando etc etc, cabs in London (UK has something like the ADA law now)


   Me in my wheelchair enjoying Men-in-Black at Universal Studios, Orlando Florida - a high-speed ride. I could choose to transfer, but opted to choose the ”ADA option”, where they provided special vehicle so I could remain in my wheelchair

     Me kissing and swimming w Dolphins at Discovery Cove, Orlando Florida. Without ADA-law they could have, for ”safety/legal reasons” said like in Sweden/France   etc: "sorry, but you cant be in the water with the dolpins/stingrays/tropical fish coral reef" THANKS to ADA, they didn't, but instead automatically provided strong people to help me in the water to do it ALL, and for no extra charge even! (correction 2009: France and Norway HAVE ADA-type law, Sweden still doesn't :(

2009:  article by me published on NEWSMILL (swedish): "Vårdens Problem & Lösning" -->


(c) Peter Cederholm  

Jag svarar gärna på Dina frågor - skriv en rad till peter (at) cederholm.net. svensk sjukvård swedish socialist health-care is mainly a government operated monopoly :( - see www.foxnews.com glenn beck & bill o'reilly


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